The sad reality is that these priceless artifacts will probably disappear from public access and
end up in the hands of a private collector.



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There are lots of reasons to take the following with a grain of salt,
especially considering the source:


Lebrecht does not reveal the source of the info, and AFAIK Decca itself
has not announced its own closing. Nor does he specify if it is only the
Decca division that is closing, or if it is related to some larger issue
at UMG, nor does he address what is likely to become of Decca's
subsidiaries, Philips and DG. And the technical milestones he ascribes
to Decca are inaccurate, at least in the sense that he makes the point
here - it would have been nice if Stormin' Norman would spend a little
time supporting his broad claims, rather than grinding his axe because
these folks wouldn't cover the tab for his coffee at some meeting or


But a shoe is dropping, just like I said it was going to. And if you are
secure in the notion that nothing will ever, ever happen to these
collections, then good for you! Remember the Universal Vault Fire!


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