On Tuesday, February 10, 2009 11:41 AM, Michael Biel wrote:

> A narrow track head might be better able to find a place on the 
> tape where it can be aligned to -- and sometimes this will change 
> during the reel.

Keep in mind fringing effects of playing a full-track tape with 
a narrower core head.  This will give you incorrect EQ in the 
low frequencies.  If EQ is not a concern, then no need to re-align 
your machine for the wider track width.  The MRL calibration tapes
are full track, so using these for this particular case will give 
you the correct results.  However, if you aligned your machine for
two-channel (2mm or 0.75mm guard band), then the full-track playback
EQ will be off in the low end.

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