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> I remember a K-Mart in Tacoma (the first one in this area)
> that opened in the 1960s.  (What a bunch of cheap junk.  My
> parents bought me a pair of shoes there that didn't last
> two days.  Anyway, back on topic...)  I remember there being
> several 7" tape decks behind the customer service counter
> that played the background music.  I don't know if the
> music was licensed from Muzak, but it definitely wasn't
> piped in; it was played from within the store.   FWIW.

One of the Naxos family of recordings is a collection of 'soft classics' 
for storecast. IIRC, they are sold in sets of ten or twenty CDs. At 
Klaus Heyman's suggestion, I made an MP3 CD-ROM to provide uninterrupted 
play so no one would have to attend to the player throughout the day.

I've no idea whether the CD-ROM version was ever issued. Of course, 
Klaus had all rights to the recordings and they were licensed for 
storecast use.

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