On Monday, February 16, 2009 1:45 PM, Eric Hollis wrote:

> The recording seems to have a faint "echo", meaning that I'm 
> hearing a faint recording of the gentleman as he speaks.  The 
> faint recording is ahead of the main recording.

I'm wondering if several discs were dubbed at once, and that 
vibrations (?) from another dubbing system 

> Also, I'm hearing distortion in the louder passages of the 
> recording, as if the stylus is being overdriven. I've adjusted 
> the levels, and it doesn't appear that I'm clipping, but I'm 
> still hearing the distortion.

A long shot perhaps, but do you have any hum/rumble and  
harmonics of those in your playback system?

In addition to the fundamental hum, its harmonics will create
a pseudo reverb effect and other distortions.  The pseudo 
reverb, however, will not behave like the pre-echo that you
are describing.  It can indeed sound like an overdriven stylus
or electronics.

A good hum removal plug-in can work wonders in this scenario.

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