Hi Malcolm,

    That's about what I paid for my 15 about 5 years ago!
I make frequent e-bay searches for "Technics SP..."
and prices do seem to vary widely.  Thanks!

Lou Houck
Rollin' Recording
208 River Ranch Rd.
Boerne,  TX   78006
(830) 537-5494
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Subject: Re: [ARSCLIST] SP-15

> My condolences.
> In my case it was the IC going kablooie (highly technical term, that),
> alas.
> I found another SP-15 on eBay for around $200. Considerably less that I
> spent om the original!
> Malcolm R
> *******
> Lou wrote:
>> OH NO!  My beloved SP-15 has come down with the dreaded run-away speed
>> syndrome.  I sold and SP-10 years ago when it caught the malady (sadness)
>> ...but I want to hang on to my 15.  Anyone know of a primary
>> caps?
>> Or might it be some  proprietary Technics IC, long out of production.
>> Any help from this august body?  Thanks.
>> Lou Houck
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>> Subject: [ARSCLIST] Fwd: Martin Silver 1934-2009
>>> Doug Pomeroy forwarded this to me this morning, and I know that this
>>> should be here on the ARSCList because of Martin's his long service
>>> to ARSC.
>>> Mike Biel  [log in to unmask]
>>>> I am very sorry to tell you all that Martin Silver, former Music
>>>> Librarian at UC Santa Barbara, passed away Tuesday, February  17,
>>>> 2009, from cancer.  Martin established the Music Library at UC Santa
>>>> Barbara and was its head until his retirement (in 1992, I think).  In
>>>> his retirement he carried on a successful book business, Martin A.
>>>> Silver, Musical Literature.  I was at the UCLA Music Library when
>>>> Marty came west and I also became a specialized music book dealer on
>>>> my retirement.  Over the years we became pals and shared a variety of
>>>> activities that included a lot of music (playing together and concert
>>>> going -he was a fine flutist).  We sometimes collaborated in the book
>>>> business.  Active in MLA, his most recent job for the organization was
>>>> convention manager.  I will miss him as I know many of his MLA
>>>> colleagues will.
>>>> Condolences can be sent to his children, Jessica Silver, 2802 Brewster
>>>> Ave., Redwood City, CA 94062 and Will Silver, 1120 E. Ortega St.,
>>>> Santa Barbara  93103
>>>> Marsha Berman


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