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  I don't know all the intricacies of Decca ownership,
but thought they started out as a UK company, established the
US company (when, how was this link broken?), then became part
of Polygram, and lately the Universal Music Group conglomerate.
  Universal appears to be a worldwide company, and holds both
the Decca UK, and Decca US assets, including trade marks.
  A link was posted recently to an article heralding the demise
of the Decca label, followed by refutations.
  I do not see enough recent releases to know what logos remain
or are dropped, but this new Ferrier release seems to indicate
that (at least) the Decca (Classical?) back catalog/historical releases are
being subsumed into the UCJ 'label'.
  Has anyone seen any recent releases which retain
the Decca label (classical or pop, new recordings or back catalog)???
Or any other of the Universal owned Classics labels???
  The Jacqueline DuPre Peter and the wolf issued in Australia
last summer used the Deutsche Grammophon logo Eloquence label.
  SO - is the DECCA label and other historic labels being phased out
in favor of a comprehensive brand???
  Best wishes, Thomas.

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> ..."a division of Universal Music Operations Ltd."
> The package is (p) & (c) by Universal Classics & Jazz.
> NO Decca logo or name, other than publication credits for
> content to Decca Music Group.

But if it's Universal *LTD* that implies Britain, and
Universal only owned the Decca logo for North America,
didn't they?