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For those who have not seen the site, I highly recommend it for quality 
scans of hard to get 78rpm disc labels.

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Michael Biel wrote:
> Joel Ackerman wrote:
>> My wife has inherited what seems to be an antique Russian portable 
>> phonograph.  The label inside reads Moskovskii Patephonii Zavod ( 
>> Moscow Phonograph Factory).  Can anyone identify it?  Don't seem to be 
>> able tom post photos here but will happily send some to anyone who can 
>> help.
>> Approximate date? 1930s? Value?
> In the 1990s these were selling in Russia for $25 to $75 and were all 
> over the place, but I always already had too much luggage to think of 
> adding the hassle of taking one of these home.  Then the USA mail order 
> Russian souvenir company was selling these for $125 and I should have 
> bought one.  There are a number of different factories which made these 
> things as late as the late 50s, so they are not necessarily very old.  
> Remember, the Soviets continued to press 78s into around 1964.  In my 
> other computer I have links to the Russian version of Ebay which has 
> these machines on it all the time, and might be able to find a match.  
> Send me a photo off-list.
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