Marie O'Connell:

> To give Agfa some credit, I was always told that
> in the late 1980's, early 1990's, there was a 
> worldwide recall of this tape 

There seems to be different opinons whether the 469 case is just oxide
shedding or truly sticky shed as seen from Ampex/Quantegy 456.

This could be the reason why 469 was never stated to be affected by SS
from AGFA officially as far as I know.

I have a memory from my 15 years at Mariann Records, Sweden, from
producer/engineer, Torgny Söderberg, working at Mariann Records half
owned KMH studio in Stockholm, Sweden, that a batch of 468 was shedding
stuff from mostly the matt backing and some from the oxide at such a
rate that they were sitting sweating a whole day in their underwears, it
was summer and the air condition was malfunction, and the just barely
got the mixes finished as the treble sounded more and more muffled
despite frantic cleanings of the tape path of the Telefunken M15/24
after each pass trying to update the automated computer mixing on the
MCI JH500 console.

But this was once again shedding with no sticky goo and I had a look on
the 2" 468 tape reels, when they arrived from KMH after the mixes was
done, and you could clearly see the extreme loss of backing that had
happened on this batch of 468.


Goran Finnberg
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