Forgive my newbie-ness but I am looking at a collection of reel-to-reel
audio tapes that we have and I have noticed that some of them have what
I would describe as kind of 'pre' cupping - that is, they aren't
drastically curved and don't look like pictures of real cupping that I
have seen, but they are a little bit curved, and when I look through the
clear plastic reel, the outer 1/8 - 1/4 of an inch looks different from
the rest of the tape - like it is not lying quite as flat.

SO - how bad is this? Is there a word for this? I have looked around on
the web but mostly found stuff about true cupping.

Thanks so much.

Melodie Morgan Frances
Head of Cataloging
Graduate Theological Union
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Back in 1972 when the ARSC conference was in Ann Arbor Mich we had a 
field trip to Motown studios, and I am not sure if it was in the 
Hittsville location or a different one.   Paul Jackson had been working 
on arranging their tape archive -- I ought to ask him if it was his idea

to arrange the masters for the released sides in the way they show.  It 
is very interesting to see that their tapes were not stored by Universal

in the Universal City warehouse that burned last year.  I wish I had 
been taking video tape that early, but I started that in 1985.  I might 
have audio. 

Mike Biel  [log in to unmask]

Tom Fine wrote:
> In Gannett fashion, this is hard to find. The link Steve provided, 
> which is the link that shows up in your browser, gets you to a web 
> page that launches various video feeds that normally just insert onto 
> the Free Press web pages.
> This link:
> gets you the player and the list of Motown at 50 videos. Scroll down 
> and you get to the one about the archives, which is interesting.
> Steve, thanks alot for the tip. The other videos are interesting, too.
> -- Tom Fine
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>> Just found this tonight and found interesting. Thought others might 
>> as  well.
>> b01-live/current/launch.html..._
>> Steve Ramm
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