Tom -

I do not know of a single, comprehensive list available online.  But
after a few posts from a few different folks on the list here, I bet we
will be able to compile a good one.

To throw in my two cents, I know of a couple that are currently
operating and even have active web pages.

United Record Pressing in Nashville, (which may be the one in Tennessee
you were referring to):

And GZ Vinyl in Prague:

My last two records got pressed at GZ, and I have a friend of a friend
who works at United, so in addition to the web evidence I know for a
fact that they are both active.  So that's a start, anyway...


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Is there a reliable list anywhere of currently-producing LP plants
around the world. Off-hand I know RTI in California, the one down in
Tennessee, at least one in Germany, at least one in the UK and I think
one or more in Japan. Details, exact locations, etc would be good. If
there isn't a reliable list anywhere, perhaps we can brainstorm one
together here and maybe the ARSC website could host it?

Web-board rumors would not be welcome. First-hand knowledge of the
plant's location and the fact that it is currently operating would be

I am sure about RTI in California. I mentioned the plants in Germany and
England because they were shown in operation in Mike Fremer's recent DVD
"It's a Vinyl World After All." I believe the sequences in the DVD were
shot in 2008. The plant in Tennessee was mentioned in a recent newspaper
article (2nd half 2008) that was linked on this list, I think.

-- Tom Fine