Speaking of Brunswick,is there any listing of all of the Polydor/Deutsche Gramophon classical 78s that were pressed by Brunswick in the 20s and early 30s ? Did Brunswick by any chance press Wilhelm Kempff's first records from 1920 ?


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> Hi Guys:
> Here's how the ownership works nowadays. Way back in the days USA
Decca was different from UK Decca,
> but perhaps someone else can clarify if they were ever connected in one
corporate entity.
No...they never were! US Decca was simply named after the UK label...which MAY
have provided some financial assistance...?!

US Decca was mainly created  with the help of Jack Kapp, who had been the main
"A&R man" for Brunswick...and who brought quite a number of
Brunswick artists
with him into the new operation! UK Decca did issue a number of US Brunswick

Steven C. Barr