Is there a complete catalog of the Brunswick classical 78s ?
Kempff's first recording for DG (1920) can be seen,and downloaded here:

Was this issued on Brunswick ?


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I have Brunswick


90227/9             Beethoven. Sonata, op. 53. Waldstein

90259/60           Bethoven. Sonata, op. 26

I can't find the Hammerklavier, but it was in a later album BP-something,
beautiful laminated pressings.



85015/6             Beethoven. Piano Sonata, op. 27 # 2, Moonlight

85029/31           Beethoven. Piano Sonata, op. 13. Pathetique



DGG  acoustic. Polydor pressings


66033/5             Beethoven. Sonata, op. 57

66036/38           Beethoven. Sonata, op. 53. Waldstein

66176/7             Beethoven. Sonata, op. 13. Pathetique

69815/8             Beethoven. Piano Concerto 1


As DGG pressings came available, I got rid of my usually-noisier Brunswicks,
so there may have been more.  Was there a Bach Chorale-Preludes disc?


Short of going to the catalogs, that's what I can supply on this topic.


Steve Smolian