Here's one in the US:

I see GZ in the Czech Republic here.They pressed that 7" of "Supernatural.Superserious" REM put out for Record Store Day,last year. 
This is on VERY heavy vinyl.If it were an Lp,it would be 200 grams.This is a GZ Czech pressing in a US printed cover.

EMI still uses its old vinyl pressing plant in Hayes,even though they no longer own it.


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Tom -

I do not know of a single, comprehensive list available online.  But
after a few posts from a few different folks on the list here, I bet we
will be able to compile a good one.

To throw in my two cents, I know of a couple that are currently
operating and even have active web pages.

United Record Pressing in Nashville, (which may be the one in Tennessee
you were referring to):

And GZ Vinyl in Prague:

My last two records got pressed at GZ, and I have a friend of a friend
who works at United, so in addition to the web evidence I know for a
fact that they are both active.  So that's a start, anyway...


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Is there a reliable list anywhere of currently-producing LP plants
around the world. Off-hand I know RTI in California, the one down in
Tennessee, at least one in Germany, at least one in the UK and I think
one or more in Japan. Details, exact locations, etc would be good. If
there isn't a reliable list anywhere, perhaps we can brainstorm one
together here and maybe the ARSC website could host it?

Web-board rumors would not be welcome. First-hand knowledge of the
plant's location and the fact that it is currently operating would be

I am sure about RTI in California. I mentioned the plants in Germany and
England because they were shown in operation in Mike Fremer's recent DVD
"It's a Vinyl World After All." I believe the sequences in the
DVD were
shot in 2008. The plant in Tennessee was mentioned in a recent newspaper
article (2nd half 2008) that was linked on this list, I think.

-- Tom Fine