Hello all --

We are slowly starting to acquire various "supporting files" for some of our EAD -- images for the bioghist, supporting lists in spreadsheet form, etc.  I'm wondering whether/how other institutions are tracking this kind of material.

I'm also curious if other institutions are using the "change tracking" elements of EAD (revisiondesc, change, date, item).  How do you determine whether an alteration to the file qualifies as a trackable change?  Simple correction of typos, or only substantive changes to the content?  

Related to that, what about when you receive a new accession to a collection that has an EAD finding aid -- when do you update the finding aid to reflect it?  Do you add it immediately as a <c01><did><unittitle>2009 accession</unittitle> with a box list?  Do you simply add a statement in the Scope and Content, e.g. "Additions received in 2009 are not yet processed and are accessible by special permission only" ?  Or do you not update the finding aid until the material is processed?


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