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I'm in the process of compiling a list of tools that make authoring (or updating) EAD simpler/easier.  I'm already aware of the items listed at, the web-based templates used by OAC, and the add-ons for NoteTab.  I'm also aware of the various database options that output EAD, such as Archon and AT, but what I'm specifically looking for are examples of tools that simplify the *direct* authoring/editing of EAD files.  These might be as simple as a css style sheet for XMetaL that masks the complexity of the raw EAD so it's easier to fill in the content, or as sophisticated as Justin Banks' XForms tool.  A while ago someone posted a link to a video about how to use Excel and MailMerge for long inventories -- very inventive.  Any and all such tools are of interest, though of course the easier it would be for someone else to pick up and use, the better.

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