Dear Michele,
The Nationaal Archief - The Netherlands is currently developing an open source EAD editor. This project is called proMEAD (project making EAD). At the moment we are preparing the first release of the Dutch beta version. 
Recently I made some demonstration movies to show the possibilities of this dedicated EAD/XML editor, just to use them to support a short demonstration of the project to an audience of Dutch archivists. I have put these movies online, a bit hidden in a subdirectory of the official website of the project (which is still only a very basic homepage in Dutch at the moment), to give everybody who was attending that meeting a chance to see them again. Perhaps you can get an idea of the project too by looking at them: <> 
I am not commenting on my actions in these movies because I was doing that "live" during the presentation (if you turn up the sound, you can only hear me using my keyboard and dragging and clicking my mouse ;-)) and the software is in Dutch only at the moment, so I realise it's perhaps hard to understand what's happening on your screen, but I can give you some explanation here:

Movie "1. Demo1" is a demonstration of using the "Wizard"-option of proMEAD to make an EAD finding aid from scratch with only basic information and generating only a basic set of empty <unittitle/>'s, then saving that input and using the "Editor"-option to get access to this new EAD finding aid in order to make changes if you already need to, but specially to put more information in the empty <unittitle/>'s. 

Movie "2. Demo2" is a demonstration of how to select a complete already existing EAD finding aid, looking at the information stored in it and looking at the complete <dsc/>-part in a treeview in which you can edit and 'drag and drop' complete <unitid/>'s (and sets of <unitid/>'s). 

Movie "3. Demo3" is a demonstration of the 'turn-key' EAD export in ABS-Archeion, an Oracle database application we use for administering all basic information about our archives (including where they are stored and how they can be distributed to the reading room). As you can see we can get real-time information about availability of each <unitid/> from this database system into an EAD finding aid by using this method. Based on this method we are developing a webservice which will synchronise the changes in ABS-Archeion into the corresponding EAD finding aids. The idea is that by using this webservice we can choose to select one specific finding aid to be synchronised, but also choose to synchronise all changes in all finding aids during a certain period of time. 

Movie "4. Demo 4" is a demonstration of how you can upload the basic 'turn-key' ABS-Archeion EAD finding aid (which is stored on a location of your choice in case you use the option "Toon EAD") into proMEAD and use proMEAD to complete this basic EAD finding aid before you pass it on to your website. 

Movie "PrototypeEADEditor" is my original idea for a dedicated EAD/XML editor, which ran on our intranet and which is just a few html- and asp-pages (currently I am converting this to html/php in an attempt to get this up and running as a basic "light" version of proMEAD).

The templates and forms and to a certain extend the 'business rules' of proMEAD can easily be adapted within the interface of the application and it's also possible to use buttons for 'inline' tagging in the forms (just like the one that is already displayed as the "note"-button in some screens of the "Wizard" and "Editor" options). 
As I said before the information about this project is still very basic (at the moment we're mainly focused on debugging and testing the software), but I hope you get some idea of what we're working on over here.
Best regards,
Wim van Dongen
senior data manager - data and access management department
Nationaal Archief
P.O. Box 90520
2509 LM - The Hague
The Netherlands
T: +31 (0)70 331 5491
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Onderwerp: EAd authoring tools

Hello List --

I'm in the process of compiling a list of tools that make authoring (or updating) EAD simpler/easier.  I'm already aware of the items listed at, the web-based templates used by OAC, and the add-ons for NoteTab.  I'm also aware of the various database options that output EAD, such as Archon and AT, but what I'm specifically looking for are examples of tools that simplify the *direct* authoring/editing of EAD files.  These might be as simple as a css style sheet for XMetaL that masks the complexity of the raw EAD so it's easier to fill in the content, or as sophisticated as Justin Banks' XForms tool.  A while ago someone posted a link to a video about how to use Excel and MailMerge for long inventories -- very inventive.  Any and all such tools are of interest, though of course the easier it would be for someone else to pick up and use, the better.

Thanks in advance --


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