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                         NLS Operations Alert

no. 09-05

DATE  : February 10, 2009

TO    : Network Libraries
FROM  : Stephen Prine

Subject :      The Brick

The "brick " (hard drive)  concept demonstrated during the midlands conference pre-
conference in May 2008 in San Antonio, Texas, has not been pursued.  NLS has deter
mined that development of a process that would enable network libraries to acquire "bricks,"
onto which all available digital titles would be loaded and which would then need to be
regularly updated, is a lower priority compared to the delivery of
physical digital books and players.

Currently NLS staff resources are best focused on the transition. Network libraries, as well
as patrons, do have access to all available digital titles through download from BARD.  To
utilize this resource one must: 1) sign up to use BARD, and, 2) acquire both blank flash
cartridges and mailing containers.   

This issue will be revisited once the transition has been completed.  

For more information contact:

Stephen Prine
Assistant Chief, Network Division
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