Machines and Accessories no  09-01
Date:       February 27, 2009

Subject::        SWR ends E-1 machine-repair service

SWR, the commercial E-1 machine-repair contractor located in Troy, Alabama, has ended its
contractual repair services with NLS as of January 2009.  Except for those players that are still under
warranty, NLS will no longer provide E-1 repair-support services and has declared the E-1 machine
obsolete.  Do not recall working E-1 machines from patrons; if the players are in good order patrons
may continue to use them.

When your agency receives nonworking E-1 machines that are not covered by warranty, please ship
them to the commercial disposal site for NLS playback machines at the address listed below:

1300 Metropolitan Avenue
Leavenworth, Kansas  66048

Send only machines that are authorized for disposal at UNICOR.  Please do not send any other
talking-book program items.

E-1 machines that are under warranty and have failures that are covered by warranty may be shipped
to SWR for repair.  SWR's address can be found on the bottom of the players.  Please do not ship
machines to the MSCW.

Current stocks of E-1 machines at the MSCW will be used to fill back orders from the network.  Once
this stock is depleted, the E-1 will no longer be issued to the network.  NLS anticipates that some
patrons will be able to use a C-1 machine as a replacement to the E-1 until the digital talking-book
machine (DTBM) is available. 

For further information contact:   

James Miller
Equipment Control Officer
(202) 707-9321
(202) 707-0712 (fax)
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