I have a 351 that was mechanically restored and then put into storage 
about twenty years ago.  After that time the brake bands will need to 
be loosened up, but that's about it.  I even had the capstain 
sandblasted to renew traction.  It has 1/2 track heads.

There are electronics that go with it, but the electrolytic 
capacitors at the very least would need to be replaced in the 
electronics.  I have most of the parts to construct replacement 
electronics with API op amps if your interested in that. That had 
been my intention, but life intrudes.

Let me know what it would be worth to you off list.

Bob Cham

>Thanks Guys,
>Eric, a 351 would be fantastic. I can get my hands on the 
>electronics from the 351 and that into a digital system with an rca 
>77dx would be a solid option but the artist wants to operate the 
>machine himself and he does not want to use a laptop. It is my job 
>to facilitate his artistic vision.  We can transfer from the record 
>deck to a 24/96 dig system each day but I really need to put him in 
>a room alone with a mic and an open reel machine that is going to 
>have some real color. If anyone has a line on a 351 in great working 
>condition I would love to hear about it.
>Best - Paul
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>Hi Paul,
>A vintage mic with a tube mic preamp might get the artist the
>sound they want, and then pair that up with a modern (digital)
>field recorder for portability - the best of both worlds.
>There are tools to mimic tape sound (ie. hiss and a bass bump)
>which could be added later to get the desired effect.  Check
>out Manley Labs for tube hardware from preamps to mixers and EQ.
>On the other hand, maybe the artist will perform differently
>knowing that it is being captured with vintage gear.  In which
>case you'll need to go vintage.
>And I only say the following with tongue in cheek... You could
>always hide a digital recorder in a tape machine chassis and
>the artist could see the tape and reels turning to get that
>vintage recording mood.
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>Hello Everyone,
>I have a client that is looking for a vintage tube powered open reel tape
>machine that is in good enough condition to take on the road and make
>recordings for his next record. A full track 1/4 inch would be best. Does
>anyone know of someone who sells or rents these in top condition . This is a
>major recording artist that is looking to make a record with one microphone
>and a tape deck.
>Very Best,
>Paul Mahern