At 07:53 AM 2009-03-05, Tom Fine wrote:

>I have a Gates model 944-6701-002 cart playback machine, set up for 
>mono. I don't know if this works, and don't have any documentation 
>for it. Here's what's present in the electronics cage:

My rule of thumb with this:
   Mono NAB cartridge tapes which are 2 Track Stereo configuration 
(audio/cue) can be better played on the reel-to-reel of your selection
   Stereo NAB cartridge tapes which are 3-track configuration 
(audio/audio/cue) need the special head as, stoopidly the 43-mil 
centre channel is the right audio while the outside channel is cue. 
So if you come across a stereo machine and the head is in good 
condition, save that for future mounting in a good reel-to-reel machine.
   If you come across Pacific Recorders MaxTrax TomCat cart machines, 
they are a special head yet again -- save it. Also, the PR TomCats 
use some nice components -- some may use Jensen 990 op amps and 
Jensen transformers. Certainly worth having for parts.
   Otherwise--unless you're looking to make a vintage radio studio, 
there are (IMHO) better ways of capturing the audio entrusted to 
these devices. Also, most of the material are either songs for Top-40 
(they were made from LPs or 45s at the station) or any 



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