From: Patent Tactics, George Brock-Nannestad


a little over 3 years ago I was able to send the e-mail below to celebrate 
10,000 postings on ARSCLIST since 2000. Now we have just reached 30,000, 
obtained by the same precision I used then. Time-wise it looks like this:

The first 6 years (two months out) created 10,000 mails
The next 3 years (three months out) created 20,000 mails

These are the net data; because I suddenly started getting everything from 
ARSCLIST twice I will have manually deleted between 5,000 and 10,000 mails. 
It is not generated by my own mailbox, because they come with widely 
different arrival times but the same time-stamp. I have tried to protest, but 
there seems to be no solution. My dedication to ARSCLIST is amply 
demonstrated by daily deletions of 2-16 mails.

I actively work with my mail folders, sorting opened mails into the various 
groups. The next in line is the main folder (the mixed bag), at ca. 8400 
mails and "copies to self", at 8000. And I collect Nigerian letters! That 
goes back to the times when they were sent by snail mail, and I have about 
2000 in electronic form.

Kind regards,


P.S. I now do know what the list "project-gramophone" was all about: to 
advertise mature Russian girls.

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From: Patent Tactics, George Brock-Nannestad


yes, indeed, 10,000 since joining 8 February 2000, not counting those that 
were given an erroneous time-stamp. One is still waiting for 26 April 2006, 
on which date I shall forward it to the list. 

I have kept all, including "test", peeves, etc. because the community is so 
large (David, you said 633) that invariably there will be a good cross 
section of interests and behavior (note the US spelling). I confess that I 
like this format, because my mail programme (Pegasus) permits sorting and 
searching with minimum effort. I dislike attached HTML files, but very few 
try them. On the whole the list is self-regulating, but not to a degree that
it scares "lurkers" from posting the occasional question. I basically want to
see all mails, because my horizon may be broadened by information that I have
not sifted away beforehand.

Another reason is that this is by at least a factor 10 the most active list 
of the ca. 7 I receive mail on. It is one of the very few I post on, rather 
less frequently, I should note, than some.

I only go to the Stanford website when I want to convince myself that I have
pushed a dent in the proverbial water surface. All other reference work is 
done on my saved files.

I shall not bore you with the statistics of posting, but 10,000 is a 
reasonable number for this purpose, I assure you. I do not yet know precisely
what the list "project-gramophone" was all about, but possibly it was 
catering for specialist interests that would be too tedious for most of the 
ARSClist to read about. And it may also have been a political issue with 
getting some collector to open up. The 336 messages on that list should 
probably be read in context to find out, but life is too short.

Kind regards, and thank you for keeping this alive,

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