Quoting Tom Fine <[log in to unmask]>:
<snip> I would suggest that budgetary issues were paramount here.

Probably true, but given that pretty decent 1/4" recorders can be had  
for under $1000.00 these days, that doesn't seem like it would be much  
of a stretch, given the material at hand. If they are truly thinking  
of going to auction with these recordings, my guess is that they'll  
fetch a great deal more than $1K.

Ignoring the issues of reproduction quality, it just seems to me that  
tapes like these deserve at least to be treated with some care. Lacing  
them up on an old Pioneer (which was never known for it's tape  
handling anyway) isn't exactly what I would call a great preservation  

WTF, with this kind of approach, maybe I should haul out the old  
Magnecords! They sure did rewind fast!

Scott D. Smith
Chicago Audio Works, Inc.