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> Jan,
> I never cared much for the PB noise reducer. As you state, it can pump. 

I was friends with Dick Burns, and whenever he would demonstrate the 
PackBurn he would glow over that active noise reducer.  He LOVED the 
sound it gave!  I would usually ask him to let us hear the system 
without that filter, and most everybody else just tip-toed around not 
telling him that they also thought it sounded like crap.  After all, 
they knew that if they got a PackBurn they could keep it out of the 
circuit.  It might have been nice if there was some way to keep it from 
being a part of the device because its absence might make it LESS 
EXPENSIVE!!!!  But don't worry about you not liking the filter.  I think 
that Dick Burns was the only one who ever liked it!!

>  But B4 you get into broadband noise reduction, you might want to try 
> a better pre-amp. Get one designed for vintage records. Playing them 
> back RIAA falls quite short of what they can sound like.

You shouldn't be filtering or rolling off the highs before the PackBurn 
anyway.  It needs the full sharp bandwave to know what is impulse noise 
and what is music.

 > > MY main question is if the Packburn was used as a "stand alone" 
unit or it
 > > was also supplied with other noise reduction units in order to 
filter out
 > > more of the surface noise.

Back when it was introduced, there were no other noise reduction units 
in existence!   I thnk the Burwin and the two Owls came just after.  So 
it was originally intended to be a stand-alone with any necessary EQ 
coming after.

Mike Biel  [log in to unmask]

> I like the models offered by KAB USA.
> joe salerno
> Jan Myren wrote:
>> About Packburn 323 Audio Noise Suppressor
>> My experience so far is that it works very well on clicks and pops 
>> using the
>> switcher and the blanker. But the continous noise filter bugs me a bit,
>> since I think it doesn't reduce that much surface noise. I don't use the
>> variable adjust very often, since the so called "masked-noise" and the
>> pumping effect bring offer "strange noises" to the sound. Therefore I 
>> mostly
>> use the FIXED adjust, and usually set it fixed at 9 o'clock posititon.
>> I have read that some re-issue engineers, like Robert Parker used the
>> Packburn 323A frequently when restoring old 78's for LP and CD-releases.
>>   If so, what did they (or you) actually do and
>> what could eventually be a good supplement for that purpose?
>> I would really appreciate if any of you would please give me some 
>> hints and
>> suggestions, since I think the Packburn will work very well if used the
>> right way!
>> Really hope to hear from you again!!
>> Best regards
>> Jan MyrenĘ