While I participated and read the other responses; to draw an analogy  
if someone wanted to tour the country in a Model T for some reason, a  
new sports car just wouldn't do! I for one would love to hear the  
followup, and the results when it is done. It would be impolite to  
ask who is this (sounds a bit Tom Waits-like!) but if we can learn  
about it later on it would be interesting.


Lou Judson  Intuitive Audio

On Mar 7, 2009, at 6:43 PM, Eric Jacobs wrote:

> Hi Paul,
> A vintage mic with a tube mic preamp might get the artist the
> sound they want, and then pair that up with a modern (digital)
> field recorder for portability - the best of both worlds.
> There are tools to mimic tape sound (ie. hiss and a bass bump)
> which could be added later to get the desired effect.  Check
> out Manley Labs for tube hardware from preamps to mixers and EQ.
> On the other hand, maybe the artist will perform differently
> knowing that it is being captured with vintage gear.  In which
> case you'll need to go vintage.
> And I only say the following with tongue in cheek... You could
> always hide a digital recorder in a tape machine chassis and
> the artist could see the tape and reels turning to get that
> vintage recording mood.
> Eric
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> Hello Everyone,
> I have a client that is looking for a vintage tube powered open  
> reel tape
> machine that is in good enough condition to take on the road and make
> recordings for his next record. A full track 1/4 inch would be  
> best. Does
> anyone know of someone who sells or rents these in top condition .  
> This is a
> major recording artist that is looking to make a record with one  
> microphone
> and a tape deck.