I have never seen a Vocalion.or Aeoleon  of classical music.


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I don't know of a complete listing of the Brunswick classical series.  As I
recall, Ross Laird's four-volume Brunswick discography lists what
information he had on these, but his work concentrated on recordings made by
Brunswick and didn't attempt to be comprehensive with respect to recordings
they issued under license.

Kempff's first recording would not have been issued on Brunswick.  To my
knowledge, the only American label that issued Grammophon sides between the
end of WWI and the start of electrical recording was Vocalion.  (That
assumes you don't count Opera Disc as an American label, which I don't
because the pressings were imported and the catalog numbers are identical to
their Polydor and Grammophon counterparts.)  There were no Brunswick
pressings of acoustical DG recordings.  (But if anyone has information to
the contrary, fire away!)


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Is there a complete catalog of the Brunswick classical 78s ?
Kempff's first recording for DG (1920) can be seen,and downloaded here:

Was this issued on Brunswick ?


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I have Brunswick


90227/9             Beethoven. Sonata, op. 53. Waldstein

90259/60           Bethoven. Sonata, op. 26

I can't find the Hammerklavier, but it was in a later album BP-something,
beautiful laminated pressings.



85015/6             Beethoven. Piano Sonata, op. 27 # 2, Moonlight

85029/31           Beethoven. Piano Sonata, op. 13. Pathetique



DGG  acoustic. Polydor pressings


66033/5             Beethoven. Sonata, op. 57

66036/38           Beethoven. Sonata, op. 53. Waldstein

66176/7             Beethoven. Sonata, op. 13. Pathetique

69815/8             Beethoven. Piano Concerto 1


As DGG pressings came available, I got rid of my usually-noisier Brunswicks,
so there may have been more.  Was there a Bach Chorale-Preludes disc?


Short of going to the catalogs, that's what I can supply on this topic.


Steve Smolian