We are presently sketching out the plans for some online reference/ 
discographical works and are aware that there is no perfect solution  
or consistency amongst agreement :(  In order to try and make things  
as user friendly yet accurate (with scope for expansion) I am looking  
for any views towards the following:

1. Presentation of artist names and groups.

a. As these will have to go into one field rather than a "first name",  
"last name" or "group name" arrangement, do people still really use  
the "last name, first name" format that much when it comes to ONLINE  
searching? I am aware of its importance still in paper products and  
should there be any paper based developments I would hope we could  
computerise the reversal of names.

b. Allowing for the fact that computers can strip out (for alphabet  
presentation) in listings "The" and such words, do people prefer it to  
the previous use of parenthesis. I.e. "The London Chorus" instead of  
"London Chorus (The)" and variants.

c. Some discographies and catalogues have used a combination of  
capitals to show a family name whilst using the same format.  This may  
be a European influence I cannot be sure. Does it prove to be off- 
putting to an American audience, i.e. "Hiram HOSIE" (as artist) and  
"HONEYMAN'S FIDDLERS (as group/artist).

2. Discographical indication of language
a. We are considering the use of a field to indicate the language used  
within a recording.  Is ISO 639-3 the right standard ? I am a bit  
confused here. We want to make it a standard lookup so that we could  
define Gaelic (GLA) or if possible differentiate Swedish as used in  
Sweden compared to Swedish as used in Finland (a different branch).  
Any linguists care to help here. From what I can see ISO 639-3 is the  

Many thanks for any thoughts.

Best wishes, Darren

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