On 17 mar 2009, at 17.00, Thomas Stern wrote:
>  It is a very frequent and disheartening occurrence that the  
> booklets which
> accompanied 78rpm albums
> (sometimes LPs) are missing from copies available from dealers and  
> online
> sources.  These booklets are frequently very rich sources of  
> information,
> and have their intrinsic interest.

I have many bankers' boxes of what appears to be this type of  
information which originally came, so I am told (well the originals,  
these are copies) from the BBC Grams Library. So far they are sitting  
in storage with lots of catalogues and rather too many pallets of  
disks awaiting processing.  Eventually elements will appear on (site not operational yet) but dependent on the  
material it might be copyrighted and thus not "give out"able even if  
the information can be summarised IYSWIM.  I've not got that far down  
that particular turnpike to check on the legals. I just remember  
seeing the boxes.

And.. should anyone know how to break a 15 year old plus CD database  
copy protection (the original appl doesn't even work on my OS  
emulator) that could yield more information. But that I suspect might  
break rules on copy circumvention so best that I don't go down that  
path. DRM strikes again :(


>  Catalogs from specialized record companies are also of great interest
> (Classical, Folk, Jazz, Documentary, Spoken word, etc.).
>  Is there any person or organizations with a website where these  
> could be
> made available permanently?
>  Whenever possible, I have provided scans of this type of material.   
> I hope
> others
> in this community are willing to do the same.  This could be a  
> resource of
> immense importance to scholars and collectors.
>  Would be a great service if LoC, Smithsonian, or University would  
> commit
> to this.
>  Comments / Suggestions ?????
> Best wishes, Thomas.

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