How much does that Mouse Trap cost??

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Sendt: 24. mars 2009 15:54
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Just to clear up any confusion...

"Mousetrap" and "The Front End" are one and the same thing, at least for 
the moment (of which more anon). The new name was intended to make it more 
comprehensible in the international market, but many people continue to 
refer to it as "Mousetrap"! Ah, well...

The original Front End is still built to order. It is essentially a mono 
device, but uses the vertical degree of freedom given by tracing a mono 
groove with a stereo pickup. The first sidechain uses groove wall 
selection and the other two are click blankers of differing flavours, for 
use primarily with electric and acoustic recordings respectively. The unit 
has its own pre-amplification and equalisation built-in, so that any 
published recording curve can be properly compensated.

Since 1995, when the original was launched, the archive sound world has 
changed, and thus there will shortly be a new Front End, with a stereo EQ 
section and features more suited to today's requirements.