Well,would you be able to appraise a collection like mine,that covers everything from pre-1910 classical,to 1990s punk? Would you be able to tell me what a vinyl pressing of Nimrod by Green Day,or Pre-BS Mummies 45s are worth ? I have four different pressings of the "Jailhouse Rock" EP.including one from 1961,with the movie poster sleeve,from Spain,and a 60s Australian "gold record" label pressing.Would you know the difference ? Would you know what a "horseback cover" French Beatles is ? Would you be able to tell me what my Stan Freberg radio commercials,and unissued Mehuin/Tippett acetate is worth ? I have dozens of 60s punk,surf,and soul 45s,that have never appeared on compilations,would you appraise these properly ? Do you know what "The Outcast" by The Mighty Sparrow,or 1930s Telefunken 78 sets by Willem Mengelberg sell for on eBay?

Just asking.


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Subject: [ARSCLIST] Appraisal of sound recordings
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Date: Monday, March 23, 2009, 8:48 PM

The billboard page for my new, page is up.

It's scope will broaden as I get time  to write additional parts of it.  

In prep is a segment that will cite the appropriate IRS publications and brief paragraphs about various confusing aspects of the process.  

I plan to discuss when a formal appraisal is required and explain the oft-confusing self-created works.  

I'm interested in knowing what you guys feel belongs there- what other confusing aspects of the process should I address?

Constructive suggestions welcomed.

Steve Smolian