It's a little hard to be certain about this without seeing your full example.  However, I think that the problem is probably with the version of MODS that is being referenced in the METS instance.  It appears to me that version 3.1 of MODS does not support an ID attribute on relatedItem.  Versions 3.2 and 3.3 do.  I would recommend using version 3.3 of MODS since this is the current version. 

Under version 3.3 of MODS, I had no trouble getting oXygen to validate the kind of ID/IDREF references your student is attempting to construct.  Under 3.1 I get the same error message as your student.


Rick Beaubien
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Bill Walker wrote:
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Dear Collective Wisdom:



I was wondering if someone could help me with a validation problem.


I am grading a student’s METS object, which has ID/IDREF linking between <mods:relatedItem ID=”nh003gif”> and </mets:file DMDID=”nh003gif”> The values in each attribute are the same—I have checked them over and over again.  Moreover the values work in other METS objects submitted by other students.  Why does my Oxygen XML editor return the error, “There is no ID/IDREF binding for IDREF 'nh003gif”?


It appears that the system does not recognize the ID attribute in <mods:relatedItem>.


Any tips for resolving this problem?



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