Dear MODS users,

The Dutch scientific institutions – united in Surfshare (the successor of
DAREnet) – have decided to use MODS in the description of objects in their
repositories. The main reason to do so is the higher granularity MODS offers
to its users.

For most type of documents,  MODS is providing us with nice examples in the
“Sample MODS Version 3 XML Documents”, available at: Unfortunately, no
example has been given on how to handle with ‘book reviews’. 

Of course, others have pointed out this problem as well (see the discussions
on the MODS forum). But pointing out the problem will not automatically lead
to a final solution.  In November 2007, Jenn Riley has started the
discussion on this subjects and Joe Altimus has made good suggestions to
overcome the problems (as agreed to by Rebecca Guenther).

Meanwhile, workarounds are being developed at several places to create book
review descriptions in MODS. This is understandable, but we don’t think this
is a welcome development. 

In Europe (the DRIVER project) and more specifically in the Netherlands, we
need to find a way to handle ‘book reviews’ as soon as possible. The Royal
Netherlands Academy of Arts and Sciences (the maintainer of the service
'NARCIS',  proposes to introduce the new type value
"reviewOf" for 'relatedItem'. [ relatedItem type="reviewOf"> ].

This solution is quite similar to the one explained by Joe Altimus in
November 2007. In Europe it is supported by Benoît Pauwels of the Free
University of Brussels.

With this new type value "reviewOf" it will be clear to everyone how to
create book review descriptions in MODS and it will stop the development of 
workarounds. Besides, we think this proposal is rather easy to implement.

Furthermore, it would we helpful when the 'book review' - after the approval
of this proposal - will be introduced in the “Sample MODS Version 3 XML

Arjan Hogenaar

Arjan Hogenaar
Research Information
Royal Netherlands Academy of Arts and Sciences
Kloveniersburgwal 29, Amsterdam
P.O. Box 19121, 1000 GC  Amsterdam
T.: +31 (0)20-4628641

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