DATE: March 17, 2009
TO: Network Libraries
FROM: Alice Baker
Subject: Weekly open telephone forum

As announced in Network Bulletin 09-04 on February 20, every Wednesday at 
1:30 pm, beginning March 18, NLS will hold an open telephone forum for 
network staff using A Professional Conference Call's phone system.  To 
join the call, dial 1-800-276-1153. Upon entering the audio conference, 
you will hear a prompt asking you to enter your authorization code 
followed by the # sign (125517#); the system asks for your name and then 
places your line into conference.  You will hold to music until the 
discussion begins.  Your line will be muted while the discussion is taking 

If you would like to ask a question, press 01 to be placed in the queue; 
each question will be answered in turn.  The operator will introduce each 
questioner to the discussion Only NLS staff and the person asking the 
question will be heard during this time.

If you need any assistance at any time during the discussion, you may 
speak with an operator by pressing *0.  At the end of the discussion, you 
may either hang up or press *99 to disconnect your line.

For more information contact:
Alice Baker
Assistant to the Chief, Materials Development Division
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