NLS Operations Alert

no. 09-14

DATE  : March 18, 2009

TO    : Network Libraries

FROM  : Jane Caulton, Head, Publications and Media Section
Subject :      Cassette Books 2007 shipments

Several libraries have reported that they have not received the annual catalog _Cassette
Books 2007 (CB 2007),_ which shipped in December 2008. 

Network librarians were asked to place their orders for CB 2007 in Operations Alerts  08-
38, Cassette Books 2007," issued on August 29, 2008; and  08-42, Reminder to update
Cassette Books 2007 bulk and F/C quantities," issued on October 14, 2008. Libraries that
did not place orders for CB 2007 (stock number CA107) must request copies from their
respective multistate center at this time. 
Please remember that the Comprehensive Mailing List System (CMLS) requires that orders
be updated annually, whether or not there are any changes.
For more information contact:

Jane Caulton
Head, Publications and Media Section
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(202) 707-0521