Hello, Patricia!

It was fun to see your name come across my email, so I thought I'd just write to say "Hi" to my fellow 2000 American Memory Fellow! I retired from full-time librarianship in 2005, but I still say "Yes" whenever anyone asks me to train others to teach with primary sources. We have a regional program here in Colorado (, and they do great work, so I always enjoy helping with their workshops. A couple of years ago I also did tons of training for teaching with Colorado's Historic Newspaper Collection ( 

I have my second book for Linworth coming out soon--in two to three weeks, I think--and it was both fun and a pain to write. It's called _Primary Source Teaching the Web 2.0 Way_ (not my choice of titles). I learned so much during the writing, especially about Web 2.0 tools, but already I feel totally behind the curve. Without an actual student population to work with daily, I feel that my expertise could be open to question. Oh well, I do hope that educators at a beginner to intermediate level when it comes to using Web tools will find it useful. 

Other than that, retirement keeps me incredibly busy. I travel a lot with my husband, who is an oil painter, and I read, work out at the Y, study Italian, write a Primary Source Librarian blog, and spend far too much time online. 

I'd love to hear how you are doing! (BTW, I, too, have received more than one totally garbled message.)

With fond memories,

P.S. Linda Thompson is still teaching, but she has left the social studies classroom to develop and teach middle school courses in digital media. I think she's having fun. 

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