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This is a post from a library listserv, but I thought you'd be interested.  Most of it is geared towards higher education, but there is some great information here for all levels.  Do check out the Wikipedia site.  See below.

Judy Graves


 ------ from a list for digital reference ----


It looks like Wikipedia  has its own entry for tracking school writing assignments.



 Here's another example, from British Columbia:

 http://www.dailyheraldtribune.com/ArticleDisplay.aspx?e=1100567, and http://tinyurl.com/csa4dx


And one from Alberta:



 And another example:



 And one from the UK:



 Martha J. Groom, Assoc. Prof. at Univ. of Washington also had her students write

 articles for Wikipedia in 2007:



 Prof. Mills Kelly in the history department at George Mason University had

 his students create a Wikipedia entry about a fictitious "last American

 pirate" last year. You can read about it here:






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