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> personal belief is that we have already answered questions relating to our professional 
> commitment to protecting third-party privacy. By deciding to have unrestricted access to 
> such materials in our reading rooms, we should have already dealt with the weight and ethics 
> of third party privacy issues. If we feel a new discomfort with the dawn of digital access, 
> this should cause us to reexamine the decisions we have made previously, and to examine
> the roots of our discomfort... 
> ...I think we need to ask ourselves whether what we were really thinking before digital access 
> was, "we are comfortable with everyone who fits a certain profile looking at these materials." 
> If that is the case, then clearly that mentality is what needs to be reexamined, and our 
> processing/restriction/decision-making matrix needs to be updated according to the reality 
> that our materials are truly open...

Elegantly stated.   Perhaps we've been doing a kind of unintentional classification, subconsciously placing people willing to expend the time and effort to come on-site to do research into a different category from The Teeming Masses?  Interesting thought...


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