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>give every item its own =91inventory number=92. Are there libraries who h=
>this same obligation, and where in MARC do they place this number? Since=20=

Accession numbers used to be very common; in most libraries they have
given way to barcode numbers.

Some Canadian libraries, and SLC, use 090$e, based on former
Utlas/Catss practice.  

When exporting for a library or museum which shelves by accession
number, we export as 852$j, otherwise as 852$p (which is also used for
barcode numbers).

Field 024 is for other standard numbers, and LC uses it for Asian
accession numbers.  An individual institution's accession number is
not a "standard number", but if your ILS can not handle 852, you could
use 024 7 $a<number>$2<your code>.  Field 024 is repeating, so that
would not prevent your using it for other numbers.

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