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> The BRAC University Library, is trying to introduce MARC21 in their  
> library. As the Integrated Library
> Software Project Staff, we are facing some confusions regarding the  
> MARC tags-
> 001 and 010
> 440 and 490.
> My queries are :
> 1.What are the differences
> between 001 or 010? Why are these used?

010 is for the record number or LCCN assigned by the Library of  
Congress to its record.

001 is for your own internal system record.  Some systems (including  
ours, which is Horizon) actually hold that number outside the MARC  
record and you don't see it in 001; but that's where it should go if  
it's in the MARC record.

As a note, you'll find if you look at the MARC display in the Library  
of Congress catalog [log in to unmask] that LC itself has a different  
number in 001 from its LCCN in 010; e.g. this 1981 1 record (excerpts)

000 	01103cam a2200265 a 450
001 	425029
010 	__ |a 81002078
040 	__ |a DLC |c DLC |d DLC
100 	1_ |a Wesley, Samuel, |d 1766-1837.
245 	14 |a The Bach letters of Samuel Wesley / |c edited by his  
daughter Eliza Wesley ; new introd. by Percy Young.

If you are importing new versions of records from LC, then you may  
want to have 010 as a match point.  If you export your own records for  
processing, to overlay correctly when loading the revised records  
you'll want to match by your own system number, wherever it's held --  
001 is the logical choice, but it may not be possible with particular  

BTW that 000 tag is the record leader , which is not properly "000"  
but some systems display it that way, as here.
> 2.For series statement-which tag we'll use, either 440 or 490? Why?  
> What are the differences
> between these two tags?

I think Bryan Baldus has answered this perfectly.

Hal Cain
Dalton McCaughey Library
Parkville, Victoria, Australia
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