Nel ten Brug:

I looked at the Library of Congress' web page on the MARC format and  
found the following:

$p - Piece designation
Identification of a single piece when the holdings information does  
not contain an 863-865 (Enumeration and Chronology) or 876-878 (Item  
Information) field that contains a subfield $p (Piece designation).
Designation may be an identification number such as a bar code number  
or an accession number.
852	81$a [location identifier] $b0131$p1100064014
Piece designation number may be preceded by an uppercase B or U to  
specify whether the piece is bound or unbound. When no piece  
designation exists, a double slash (//) may be recorded in subfield $p  
to signify that the field relates to a piece.

-- Mitch Turitz
On Apr 21, 2009, at 4:06 AM, Nel ten Brug wrote:

> Dear all,
> The Rijksmuseum Research Library, the largest museum library in the
> Netherlands, is currently trying to map its data to MARC 21. We have  
> only
> limited MARC experience, and we have a particular problem: our library
> collection is also a part of the museum collection. This means we  
> have to
> give every item its own ‘inventory number’. Are there libraries who  
> have
> this same obligation, and where in MARC do they place this number?  
> Since
> we are using KOHA, we have been using the KOHA item field tag 952$t  
> (copy
> number, in MARC this would be 852$t), but I understand this is used  
> for
> items with the same call number. Can someone please help?
> Regards,
> Nel ten Brug
> Library Co-ordinator
> Rijksmuseum Research Library

Mitch Turitz
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