James Schmidt's Witches of Karres is another telepathic children movie, as is Ted Key's ESCAPE TO WITCH MOUNTAIN.

I really like Henry Kuttner's MUTANT, with telepathic hillbillies, but that is not quite as well known.

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Not quite a match - is Zenna Henderson's "The People" stories.  Telepathic kids, with moms, speaking in italics, but they had dads too!

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Hello SF-Litties

I have a book ID question that requires some additional help and sleuthing. Here is is:

"I am looking for a book that I believe I read in the 1980's. It involved several women who were all mothers, and suddenly their children started communicating with each other telepathically. When the children "spoke" mind-to-mind, the writing was in italics. By the end of the book, everyone was speaking in italics, or telepathically. I originally thought that it was a Doris Lessing book, but don't believe it is. It could be a science fiction book/author. Do you have any suggestions? I have tried Novelist, and my library's copy of Strictly Science Fiction and searched under "telepathy". I have also done general google searches using keywords like "children, telepathy, science fiction novel."

There are quite a few science fiction novels involving children or aliens and telepathy, but we have yet to locate one to match this description. Some findings so far: Wyndham's "Midwich Cuckoos" and McCaffrey's "The Rowan."

Any help appreciated!


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