The  Philadelphia Fantastic Authors and Editors Series invite you to 
join us  and meet author James Morrow reading from his latest 
release, Shambling Towards  Hiroshima. 
The place is Moonstone Art Center, 110 S. 13th Street,  Phila., 
Pa, conveniently located in Center City Philadelphia at the corner  of 
13th and Sansom Sts.The date and time is Friday, April 24, 2009 at 7:30  
Signing  of the work  will immediately follow the event. 

Set in  1945, Shambling Towards Hiroshima tells the story of Syms  Thorley, 
a  renowned Hollywood horror actor, who gets hired by the U.S. Navy to 
participate  in a 
"demonstration shot" of a fearsome new biological weapon: giant mutant  
fire-breathing amphibious bipedal iguanas. Syms's assignment finds him  
donning a rubber lizard suit and destroying a model Japanese city 
before  the eyes of an enemy delegation.  If our hero acquits himself 
well,  giving the performance of a lifetime, the Japanese might be 
persuaded to  surrender, and the Pacific War will end without further  


James Morrow has been writing  fiction ever since, as a seven-year-old 
living in the Philadelphia suburbs,  he dictated “The Story of the Dog 
Family” to his mother, who dutifully typed  it up and bound the pages 
with yarn. This three-page, six-chapter fantasy is  still in the 
author’s private archives.

Upon reaching adulthood,  Morrow proceeded to write nine novels and 
enough short stories to fill two  collections. He has won the World 
Fantasy Award twice, the Nebula Award  twice, and the Grand Prix de 
l’Imaginaire once.

To date Morrow’s most  conspicuous literary effort is a postmodern 
historical epic called The Last  Witchfinder, praised by the New York 
Times for fusing “storytelling,  showmanship and provocative book-club 
bait ... into one inventive feat.” It  tells of Jennet Stearne, who 
makes it her life’s mission to bring down the  1604 Parliamentary 
Witchcraft Act. The author followed this novel with a  thematic sequel, 
The Philosopher’s Apprentice, which NPR called “an  ingenious riff on 
Frankenstein.” Tachyon Books has just published Jim’s  stand-alone 
novella, Shambling Towards Hiroshima, set in 1945 and  dramatizing the 
U.S. Navy’s attempts to leverage a Japanese surrender via a  biological 
weapon that strikingly anticipates  Godzilla.

Please  join us Friday, April 24, 2009 to meet  
the greatest satirist  in the field.


Philadelphia Fantastic presents a series of readings  and informal 
discussions by and with local  and regional writers of  speculative 
fiction on the fourth Friday of the month. The events are free  and 
dinner with the guest afterwards is at a local restaurant on a pay as  
you go basis.

May 22,  2009- Jeffrey Ford
June 26,  2009- Lawrence Schoen
July 24, 2009- Catherine Asaro
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