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> C'mon David, you know better than that.  WHAT
> 10-1/4-INCH
> DISCS???????????????????????????????????

Doctor Mike, either you are too eager to argue or I am
unable to make my point lucidly.  I will leave it as an
exercise for the student which...   :-)

I was trying to say that the transfer arm spanned 10-1/4",
and that it was designed to accommodate any variance in
the diameters of records in the rack, as well as mechanical
variances in the setup of the record changer.  I took this
10-1/4" span to mean that a record more than 10" was not
expected to be encountered.  No engineer would allow a
10-1/4" gap to accommodate a 10-1/4" object...  at least,
not more than once in his career.  :-)

And remember, this record changer was introduced in 1927
and except for minor modifications, remained AMI's
record changer throughout the 78 era.  Clearly, as
early as 1927, they were expecting 10-1/4" to accommodate
any record encountered, as well as variances in 
manufacturing and setup tolerances. Sorry for the