From: Patent Tactics, George Brock-Nannestad

Dear Marie (O'Connell),

> *What experience do people have with pest control with particular regard
> to
> audio collections and silverfish?*

----- my experience is that silverfish require humidity--your storage area 
may be too humid or drawing humidity by capillary action. They digest starch, 
and I know from experience that they may eat parts of labels on 78s, giving 
them a unique relief, because the printing has protected the paper. Glossy 
paper sized with plenty of starch becomes very rough.

Permethrin is an artificial pyrethrum, and it is very effective. It is 
usuallly available in powder form and in an acqueous solution. I do not like 
the look of your gas, because it has the quite unnecessary ingredient 
piperonyl butoxide that has probably been added to increase the useful life. 
But it requires a solvent, hence the huge amount of naphta. Permethrin does 
break down by oxidation and in light, and the treatment may need being 
redone, if the humidity problem has not been solved. However, only real fish, 
crabs, shrimp--and insects are harmed by it.

Many years ago I asked our pest control authority about silverfish, and they 
said that they were among the oldest organisms on Earth, and that it would 
really be a pity to eradicate them. So, it is your moral choice: to preserve 
silverfish (give them the right humidity) or audio.

Kind regards,


> **
> *At this stage we think that the population is relatively small, but are
> looking into ways to prevent its further spread and cautiously considering
> some sort of treatment or fumigation. Our main concern is that any
> chemical
> treatment be safe for all media types and safe for staff.*
> **
> *Generally speaking, what treatments and information have you found
> useful?*
> *We have discussed an insecticide called PERMIGAS, Does any one know about
> this?*
> **
> *PERMIGAS Ingredient Formula Conc. CAS No.*
> *CARBON DIOXIDE CO2 90% 124-38-9*
> *PIPERONYL BUTOXIDE C19-H30-O5 0.5% 51-03-6*
> *PYRETHRIN II 0.1% 121-29-9*
> *PERMETHRIN C21-H20-Cl2-O3 0.4% 52645-53-1*
> **
> *Thanks in advance.*
> **
> *Marie*