About: Sizes of styli for playback of European 78's

I have previous had some trouble with sending this mail to the list. I
really don't know if it has been received or not.  If so, just delete it, or
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it once again!

HI record collectors!

Does anyone have some good ideas about what kind of sizes for styli that
should be used for playback of European 78 rpm records?
I have mainly problems with distortion of the sound.

I am regularly using a custom made 2.5 TE from Stanton.
I also have a 3.3 TE, but it seems a little too big for the grooves and
sounds even more distored.

The main "problem" records that sound distored are those from the 20's, 30's
and some into the 40's.
For those late 40's and 50's the 2.5TE works quite well.

May there be any size "in between" that I should check out?

ALSO; what kind of devices (others that the stylus itself) reduces
distortion sounds?

Hope to hear from you!