Hi Ken:

The 1" 2-track format was not used much in this country back in ye dayes. It has been used sometimes 
in recent times. I doubt anyone would part with their master tape unless the tape ended up in their 
hands by ill means. A real-deal master tape is a copyrighted entity and fees must be paid to the 
musicians who performed and/or the record company that funded the sessions, at least by the old 
models. There are probably many "master tapes" floating around by groups who never made it and 
abandoned music and their tapes fell through the cracks and ended up on ebay. But I doubt any of 
them are 1" 2-track as this is a premium format used by premium-priced studios. There are exceptions 
to every rule, there may be some 1" 2-track "masters" made by the kids of extremely rich folks out 
there or "projects of the heart not the head" by aspiring musicians.

I think folks on this list who have actually been "in the vaults" will back me up -- almost all 
2-track masters from the "golden age" of recording made in the US were 1/4". I don't recall seeing 
even 1/2" 2-track widely used until the late 1980's, and then it was premium priced so only 
recording projects with some budget were using it as the mastering format.

In this country, 1" came into use mainly for 8-track recording, and briefly for Scully's 12-track 
format (a forerunner of 2" 24-track). It found a resurgence as a 5.1 surround format (1" 6-track), 
but this ended up being a small niche and note that the sound-only 5.1 formats (SACD and DVD-audio) 
have been relegated to a niche, a shrinking one at that since audiophile attention seems focused on 
the "vinyl revival". I do know there were a few 1" 2-track decks sold in this country but I would 
bet the total number of professionally-produced 2-track master tapes is tiny. Not that many 
recording projects have _any_ budget these days, but those that do tend to be of the 
Protools/mastered in the DAW variety.

-- Tom Fine

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>   Hi Listers,
>     I'm probably one of the few on the list that is an "  Audiophile." That translates to "Music 
> is fun and not a business."   "Thank God" might be the next phrase  but since my business supplies 
> tooling to those that manufacture solid surface and cast marble to  the construction industry I 
> think we're both in the same boat. To the  point!
>  Analog tape is where the great recordings started and I'm keeping  it going by filling my home 
> with around 20  or so analog RTR  machines. I belong to an audio group in Richmond Va. and they 
> all  marvel at the sound of tape. I just bought a one inch two track ATR  and have nothing to play 
> on it. I feel like I just bought a tuxedo  and only have a pair of brown shoes--- no place to go!
>   If anyone out there has a one inch two track tape  that would show  off what my machine can do 
> and would CONSIDER sending it to me I'd  appreciate it. The Genre isn't as important as the 
> musical content.   If a lister has a safety copy of the Beatles, any recording, I can  send an 
> armed carrier along with my first born for insurance-:),  Any  and all costs and insurance would 
> be covered, of  course.
>    any reply will be appreciated,  Ken Fritz