DriveSpeed/CD-DVDSpeed/CDSpeed has been made available by Ahead Software for
many years, as posted at together with
other tools. This freeware evaluates error rates with many drives, and adds
bit jitter with a few drives. These very limited results are certainly
better than nothing, but cannot replace comprehensive testing for
conformance with ISO and other standards.

The problem with freeware is accuracy. A proper test system uses test drives
that are selected for correlation with Philips and other standards. The use
of ordinary drives may give severe errors in some drives that are not
observed in others. This is because of different servos that do not respond
the same to major defects.

Also, bit jitter is usually too high for various reasons, and the results
may fail a perfectly good disc. See
for a brief outline and a description of available services.

Media Sciences, Inc.

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