Thanks to all who replied.  I had been aware of Gega/Gega New but had  
assumed they were a wholly separate operation (which it seems they  
are).  All signs led to Balkanton's demise in the late 90s, until I  
received the definitive answer from Suze Stentz of the East European  
Folklife Center list, via Joel (thanks!) -- copied here for all who  
are interested.



Hello guys,

As of June 2008, Balkanton is still alive and as well as can be, given  
the economic situation. We saw the Balkanton ladies in a pastry cafe,  
although we had no shopping to do. B'ton has no web presence that we  
know of; still in their original location in Sofia. They issue new CDs  
occasionally but mostly of the compilation variety.

Balkanton is located at No.6 Haidoushka Polyana St, Sofia BG
email: [log in to unmask] and [log in to unmask]
[copy to both because email addresses are fleeting]

The folks that interact with customers only speak Bulgarian, but  
there's probably someone there who reads English.  Somewhere in my  
notes, I might have a phone number, but I feel sure that conversation  
would be in Bulgarian.

Of GegaNew, who replaced Gega, I'd say they are a more modern rival  
company (colleague company??) with better financial resources to make  
new productions, but who also specialize as Balkanton does, in classic  
music, with a sideline of folk offerings.There have always been 3-4  
other flourishing companies in Sofia, each with a small number of folk  
titles, as well as companies in other BG cities.