Well, I think its life-in-hands time.

Once the vinegar syndrome has struck, there's little hope for the tape 
lasting any length of time. Best bet, therefore, is to play it on a 
transport able to handle cupped tape (Nagra, A80, B62 - or a Telefunken M10, 
if you can get your hands on one) and make sure you have a record machine 
running on the output at all times. You may only get one shot before the 
tape gives up completely. Stick plenty of leader on the front to allow the 
transport to settle before the actual tape appears, and try to get some sort 
of alignment/level check on a tape from the same source which either isn't 
as badly affected or doesn't matter.

Good luck...

Ted Kendall

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I could not find the exact answer to my question so thought I would try
here as you all are so helpful.

We have some reel to reel, probably early 60s with a strong vinegar
smell and some very visible cupping. My question is can I make a digital
copy now or do I need to do some 'stuff' before I even do that? I can
get the information regarding storage etc but could not find info about
if it is safe / wise / unwise to make a digital copy NOW.



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