Below is a list of recordings of FLORA MOLTON.
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AFS 19,350A9-14: Spirituals sung by Flora Molton accompanied by Ed Green,
originally of  Beechersville, South Carolina. Recorded by Charles L. Perdue,
Jr., in Fairfax, Virginia,  1964. (LWO 12,314 reel 8)

LC Control No.: 2007700247
Charles Perdue Collection of John Jackson Recordings (AFC 1975/040), Archive
of Folk  Culture, American Folklife Center, Library of Congress, Washington,
Description: 11 sound tape reels : analog,7 1/2 ips, 2 track ; 10 in.
  One tape features John Jackson in performance with Neamiah Jim, Ed Green,
and Flora  Molten, circa 1965.
Local Shelving No.: LWO 8350
AFS 17610-17620
AFC 1975/040

LC Control No.: 2007700237
AFC 1974/024: University of Maryland Folklore Archive Collection
Thirteen 10-inch tapes of student collections from the University of
Maryland, under the  supervision of George G. Carey, 1967-1970. Recorded in
Maryland, Washington, DC,  Pennsylvania, West Virginia. Includes urban
folklore , Pennsylvania Dutch traditions, mining  folklore, Rhodesian folk
tales, ghost tales, children's rhymes, Irish folklore, rugby songs,  songs
by Flora Molton, Girl Scout songs, college songs, etc. The collection
includes 2 1/2  linear inches of logs and notes. (LWO 7306) (Includes AFS
analog, 2 track, 7 1/2 ips ; 10 in.
Local Shelving No.: LWO 7306
AFS 17391-17403
AFC 1974/024

1970  Probably recorded in Washington, D.C., ca. 1970.
MOLTON'S Record  (6661-6662)       7"-45RPM
  The Sun Will Shine in Vietnam
  I Heard It Through the True Vine
sung with guitar by Flora Molton, and accompanied by Ed Morris.

"I Want to Be Ready to Hear God When He Calls", on her own Lively Stone

AFS 19,369: Ed Morris Collection of Flora Molton Recordings
One 7-inch tape of Flora Molton singing and delivering sermon "The Rejected
Stone" at  Hagarís Universal Spiritual Church. Recorded in Washington, D.C.
by Dave Deutch, ca. 1972;  and an interview with Molton recorded by Josh
Brooks broadcast live on WHFS-FM, 1972. The  collection includes two pages
of descriptions and logs.

1973 NOV 19
AFS 16,981: One 7-inch tape of eight songs sung with guitar by Flora Molton.
  Recorded in Washington, D.C., by Joseph C. Hickerson, November 19, 1973.
The collection  includes a one-page log.

AFS 16,981A4: "The Sun's Gonna Shine in Vietnam One Day" composed by Molton.
(Five minutes;  LWO 7590)

Virginia Foundation for the Humanities, Blue Ridge Institute of Ferrum
College. 198?
Black musical traditions in Virginia religious music / videorecording :
videocassette (41 min.) : sd., col. b&w ; 1/2 in.
Gen. note VHS format [NTSC]
Project director, Roddy Moore; project coordinator, Vaughan Webb;
consultants, Kip Lornell,  Charles Perdue, Roster Lyle, Alan Jabbour,
Gladys-Marie Fry; narrator, Tony Distler;  funding, Virginia Foundation for
the Humanities;
facilities, WDBJ Television.
Performers Daniel Womack, Hiawatha Giles, The Harmonizing Five, Female
Chorus, First Baptist  Church of Fincastle, New Design Pentecostal Church,
Flora Molton, Earl Gilmore, Starlight  Gospel Singers.

L&R      42.030          2x12"-LP  1980
L&R LRCD 711921                CD  2008
Field Recordings from Mississippi, Tennessee, Louisiana, Virginia, etc.

1.3 What's The Matter Now         Flora Molton And The Truth Band
2.4 The Titanic                   Flora Molton And The Truth Band

L&R      42.033            12"-LP  1981
L&R LRCD 712928                CD  2008
Living Country Blues USA Vol.3
Flora Molton And The Truth Band
Flora Molton, vocals with guitar and various instruments; Ed Morris, guitar;
Vgo, dulcimer,  guitar, violin; Phil Wiggins, blues harp; Larry Wise, blues
Notes Recorded in Washington, D.C., October 1980.

 1. Last Words My Mother Said To Me
 2. I Can't Stand It
 3. Mean Old World
 4. My Mother Left Me Standing On The Lonesome Highway
 5. Bye And Bye I'm Going To See The King
 6. Your Enemy Can't Harm You
 7. Louis Armstrong
 8. Get Right With God
 9. The Trainsong
10. Vacation In Heaven

L&R      42.041             12"-LP  1982
L&R LRCD 712126                 CD  2008
Living Country Blues USA Vol. 11
Country Gospel Roots
 xx  When The War Is Over - Flora Molton

Evidence  ECD 26105     3-CD  1999
Living Country Blues: An Anthology
Recorded in October through November 1980.
liner notes by Brett Bonner, Axel Kustner & Jerry Gordon
2.5   Bye And Bye I'm Going To See The King - Flora Molton/The Truth Band
2.17  Vacation in Heaven - Flora Molton/The Truth Band
3.3   I Can't Stand It - Flora Molton

1984 JUNE 14
AFC 1984/007
The 1984 Neptune Plaza Concert Seriesproduced with the assistance of the
National Council  for the Traditional Arts.
June 14 Flora Molton and Archie Edwards, DC (Blues)
RWA 7352-53  Flora Molton and Archie Edwards, 6-14-84. Two 10" DT mono at
7.5 ips.

REDWOOD RR8507                                 1985
SISTERFIRE (various artists)
Songs from the third annual Sisterfire Festival, Washington, DC, 1985
B4. Do lord Remember Me - Flora Morton

Lively Stone LSLPS 0101                12"-LP  1987
I Want To Be Ready to Hear God When He Calls
A1  Swing Low, Sweet Chariot
A2  I Can't Stand It
A3  Never Drive a Stranger from Your Door
A4  I Want To Be Ready to Hear God When He Calls
A5  All Around Me Shine
B1  Tell Me How Long the Train Been Gone
B2  In the Little Country Town Where I Was Born
B3  Sun Going to Shine in Viet Nam Some Day
B4  Rejected Stone

OCORA(Fr)  558 684            12"-LP/cassette  1987
OCORA(US)  558 684                CD           1993
Flora Molton, Eleanor Ellis
Recorded at studio 105, Radio France, July 8, 1987.
 1. Pharaoh Got My People
 2. I Heard It Through the True Vine
 3. Come on in This House, It's Going to Rain
 4. Crying Holy Unto the Lord
 5. Peace in the Valley
 6. Will the Circle Be Unbroken
 7. Traveling Shoes
 8. Move on up a Little Higher
 9. When I Lay My Burden Down
10. I Want to Be at the Meeting
11. Louis Armstrong
12. Don't You Want to Ride This Train
13. Lord Will Make a Way
14. Don't Let the Devil Ride
15. Path by the Sea
16. Jesus Met the Woman at the Well
17. Where Is the Gambling Man?
18. Vacation in Heaven

Houseparty Productions, Takoma Park, Md.  VHS  1989  57min.
Multicultural Media  MCM 1011             DVD  2006  57min.
BLUES HOUSEPARTY - Music, Dance and Stories by Masters of the Piedmont Blues
Featuring John Cephas and Phil Wiggins, Archie Edwards, John Jackson,
James Jackson, Cora Jackson, Flora Molton and Larry Wise,
John Dee Holeman and Quentin 'Fris' Holloway
 Filmed in 1989 at the late John Jackson's home in Fairfax Station,
Produced and Edited by Eleanor Ellis
Directed by Jackson Frost
for the Greater Washington [D.C] Folklore Society.