Hi Bob,

It's an interesting point that you raise but I feel sure that this can be

As everyone in the group may have guessed by now, I am no technician. As far
as gear is concerned, in this exercise, I have tried to avoid relying
totally on the desk top computer that these recordings end up in, where they
are then worked on using restoration software. I did this because of a tiny
amount of interference from within the computer to the restoration software.
To do this I have linked the Technics to a NAD amp which then takes it to a
Tascam CC-222SL Tape / CD recorder. (I initially linked the Technics
straight up to the RIAA inputs in the Tascam but even when the meters both
on the Tascam and at the same time in the restoration software, as could be
seen on the computer screen, showed no clipping, the gain was far too
strong, even with the input signal turned way down on the Tascam)From the
Tascam the signal is then sent to an interface (I have used both an old
Edirol UA-5 and a Noi 2/4 with the same results) from the interface the
signal then goes straight to restoration software. All the way along I have
intercepted with headphones and checking that extraneous sound such as hum
is not present. I have also flattened the meters to zero with test runs on
both the lead in and lead out of the records. The checks show that
everything is fine and everything goes fine throughout the transfer,
restoration etc... other than the laptop playback test.

Some interesting points have been raised by the group and I am now scouring
the internet and reading about playback problems that DELL Laptop owners
have and there seem to be quite a few yet I still cannot put my finger on
the "some tracks on a CD play OK / Some tracks on the same CD don't play OK"
on the laptop teaser. Maybe I have missed the point or answer from previous
responses to my dilemma. Perhaps, because I am not a technician I am looking
at a problem which just has to be and I don't know enough to realise that
there is no solution.


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FWIW.  This may not relate to anything going on here.  Direct drive 
turntables all have, sometimes substantial,rumble.  The difference 
from a rim drive turntable is that the direct drive turntables, such 
as the SP 15 rumble at such a low frequency as to be inaudible.  I do 
know of situations where they used up all the headroom in direct 
coupled amplifier, with just the rumble.  I believe the Thorens is a 
belt drive table.  That's what made me think of this

Not knowing your equipment, I don't really know if something like 
this could be going on here.  As I said, FWIW.

Bob Cham

>Although my problem with the transfer of 78s are nearly over, it would 
>seem I am not quite out of the woods yet and I would really appreciate 
>any explanations or suggestions on why it is that all tracks on CDs, 
>other than those produced from the Technics SP-15 are playing OK on a 
>laptop. I am now in a situation where the Technics tracks are playing 
>perfectly everywhere, including the desktop computer. However, a CD 
>made of assorted tracks produced by other sources, including vinyl on a 
>Thorens, played on the laptop plays fine other than when it comes to 
>the Technics tracks. Evidently, it is the only piece of equipment left 
>which is not happy with these recordings and distorts when playing 
>Like Malcolm, I record these tracks in stereo, something that has not 
>given any problems in the past on any machine. Volumes are set O.K., no 
>clipping. Before recording, checks are made with all equipment involved 
>and there are no hints, either visibly on meters or audibly through 
>headphones, that there are any extraneous noises such as hums or 
>crackles. No distortion can now be detected at any stage during 
>previews before transferring.
>For me, the most puzzling thing is that recording singles from the 50s 
>on the Thorens proves to be fine when played back on the laptop, 
>substituting the Thorens with the SP-15 to record 78s from the 50s (not 
>that date really
>matters) produces distortion on the laptop. The laptop, by the way, is a
>I appreciate a comment made earlier from the group that I shouldn't 
>worry too much about one piece of equipment being happy with this but 
>this part of a mastering process for commercial production and all 
>common possibilities of machines (and a lot of people listen to CDs in 
>their laptops) that would be used to play this on must pass the test.
>Any explanations or suggestions greatly received.